Before troubleshooting, please read make sure that you have followed our VENUE installation guide.


  • VENUE plug-ins are installed, show up in the System Installation page, but are missing from the Plug-In Racks.

How to fix it

  1. With Venue running, shut down all sound systems
  2. Ctrl + Shutdown to get to the Desktop
  3. Open a browser window and browse to \Windows\System32\drivers
  4. Locate these two files and drag them to the Trash
    • iLokDrvr.sys
    • Tpkd.sys
  5. You MUST restart the VENUE system at this point
  6. Using the Sonnox VENUE installer on your memory stick, navigate to (for example)
    • For a TDM VENUE installer: Run the \TDM Plugins\Sonnox Oxford Dynamics\Pace\DriverSetup.exe application.
    • For an HD-HDX VENUE installer: Run the License Support Win##.exe application.
  7. Restart the VENUE system
  8. Run up Venue and check that your installed Sonnox plug-ins are available within the plug-in rack.

If you run into any further problems, please create a support ticket. We're always happy to help!