SoundGrid is an Audio-over-Ethernet networking and processing technology developed by Waves. SoundGrid provides extremely low-latency, high-channel-count audio processing using standard Intel CPUs and 1 Gbps Ethernet networks for studio, live sound, and other real-time professional audio applications.

With the release of the Oxford v3 plug-ins, we are beginning to add compatibility between Sonnox and the Waves SoundGrid architecture. This currently applies to the following plug-ins:

  • Oxford EQ
  • Oxford Dynamics
  • Oxford Reverb
  • Oxford Inflator
  • Oxford Limiter
  • Oxford TransMod
  • Oxford SuprEsser DS

For the first time, your new SoundGrid licence can be held on a separate iLok device to your Native/HDX licences. This development simplifies your workflow by allowing you to use your SoundGrid plug-ins on the road and Native versions in the studio. Both iLok devices must be registered to the same iLok account.

For more information regarding the SoundGrid Systems, please visit the Waves site.