Preparing your installer

S3L-X, S6L users - Download the most recent Windows 64-bit iLok drivers from!license-manager

S3L users - Download the most recent Windows 32-bit iLok drivers from!license-manager

Do I have an S3L or S3L-X system?

Check the VENUE software version number shown at the bottom of the screen.

S3L - Version 4.1.x up to 4.4.x

S3L-X - Version 4.5.x up to 4.9.x

  • Download the Sonnox Live Venue installer for your console from
  • Unzip "LicenseSupportInstallerWin_<version>.zip"
  • Unzip the Sonnox Live Venue installer, retaining the entire folder structure
  • Copy the extracted contents to the top level of a USB drive as pictured


Step 1 - Exit to Desktop

  • Switch VENUE system to CONFIG mode (double click the MODE button at the bottom right of the screen)
  • Go to the OPTIONS page and select the SYSTEM tab
  • CONTROL+Click the SHUTDOWN button and select Exit to Desktop
  • Insert your USB drive into the VENUE system

Step 2 - Installing iLok drivers (REQUIRED)

  • Copy the iLok LicenceSupportInstaller folder onto the Desktop
  • Run "Licence Support Win64.exe" (S3L users will run "Licence Support Win32.exe")
  • When the iLok drivers are installed, restart the VENUE system.

Step 3 - Installing your plug-ins

  • Back in the VENUE software, go to the OPTIONS page and select the Plug-Ins tab
  • Select your Sonnox plug-in(s) from the Plug-ins to Install page and click INSTALL
  • When all your plug-ins have been installed, insert your iLok and the plug-ins will be ready to use!


ERROR - 'Internet connection is unavailable', or plug-in racks never finish initialising

Cause - licence check failed

Solution - Ensure you have the correct licence on your iLok, and that the iLok dongle is connected to the VENUE system

  • Re-initialise the plug-in racks by:
    • Restarting the system or
    • go to OPTIONS, PLUG-INS
    • Right click any of the installed plug-ins in the right-hand list and select 'Disable'
    • Right click the plug-in again and select 'Enable'

Reassurance - You do not need to connect your VENUE system to the internet