The new Toolbox range of plug-ins come with two concurrent activations for each product license you purchase. This allows you to activate one to a desktop production system and the other to a laptop, for example. It's up to you! Please note that activations are not additional licences, so cannot be separated between multiple iLok accounts.

In order to use your new plugin, you’ll first need to set up a free iLok account, then download the iLok License Manager application.

Once you've signed in to the iLok Licence Manager, you’ll need to choose where to activate your licence. You can activate to any of the following devices:

iLok Machine Authorisation

Your Mac or PC is uniquely authorised at machine level. This is perfect if you just use one computer, as you won't need to be connected to the internet or have any external devices plugged in to use your software.

iLok Cloud

The most flexible solution which allows you to authorise your plug-in on any machine using just your username and password. However, an active internet connection is required whilst using your plug-in.

iLok2 or iLok3 USB Device

A perfect solution if you intend to use your plug-in on multiple computers and may not have a reliable internet connection. You can have as many instances installed as you require, and the plug-in will be authorised on the machine that you have your iLok device plugged into at the time.

Can I move the activations later?

You can move your activations between devices whenever you wish. If your plug-in is Machine authorised, but you'd like to move it into a physical iLok USB device on the same account, simply open the iLok Licence Manager application and drag-and-drop your licence to the new device - for more detailed instructions, please read How do I move my licences onto a different iLok device?