We're delighted to announce support for Oxford Dynamic EQ on the Avid HDX platform!

Anyone using Avid's VENUE S6L, S3L-X or HDX hardware can now enjoy the performance benefits of the DSP-optimised Oxford Dynamic EQ. The new AAX HDX product is presented as two plug-ins: a 5 band version that operates exactly like the original Native Dynamic EQ, plus a scaled-down 3 band version for those times when you need more instances per DSP chip.

For more information about Oxford Dynamic EQ itself, please view the introductory Helpdesk article!

Do I need Oxford Dynamic EQ HDX?

If you're a live sound engineer or if you record using a Pro Tools HDX systems, this is an exciting opportunity to benefit from the ability to use Dynamic EQ in real time tracking scenarios, or to upgrade your Native Dynamic EQ to enjoy the benefits of AAX DSP with your HDX hardware.

If you don't use Pro Tools, the HDX release probably won't be compatible with your system. For more information about HDX, please read Avid's product page here. If you're looking for a DSP-optimised version of Dynamic EQ for your Universal Audio system, take a look at Dynamic EQ for UAD.

How much does it cost?

From its release on Wednesday 14th March 2018, until Monday 16th April 2018, we'll be running an introductory price offer with a 25% discount, so you can purchase your HDX Dynamic EQ for £262.50 GBP ex VAT. After the introductory price offer ends, HDX Dynamic EQ will return to its regular price of £350 GBP.

If you’re an existing Native product owner, the cross-grade to an HDX version will cost £62.50 GBP ex VAT (normally £150 GBP) during the same introductory period.

Is there a TDM version of Oxford Dynamic EQ?

Unfortunately Dynamic EQ is not available in the TDM format, so is not compatible with legacy Pro Tools systems before v10 or VENUE Profile, D-Show or SC48 desks.

Known issues

Please ensure you are using the most up to date version of iLok Licence Manager, v4.x, on your system. Oxford Dynamic EQ will not be authorised correctly with iLok Licence Manager v3 or earlier. To download the newest version, please visit the iLok website here.

Occasionally a pop-up from iLok triggered by Oxford Dynamic EQ can cause VENUE S6L desks to load slowly when your iLok is not present. We're working hard with Avid and PACE to get this issue resolved as quickly as possible, but for the time being the best workaround is to keep your iLok plugged in to your desk.

Dynamic EQ is not compatible with the Avid VENUE S3L. Please ensure you're using an S3L-X or an S6L if you're purchasing for a VENUE desk.

If you want to be sure that Dynamic EQ HDX will fit into your workflow, don't forget to take a 15-day demo to fully audition the plug-in.