In 2018, we started offering students the Elite Native bundle rent-to-own subscription service alongside our partners Gobbler

For just $14.99 USD a month, you can rent licences for the entire Elite range, and after three years, you get to keep the full licences at no additional cost. Once you've subscribed, your monthly rate will never go up, and you will get every update for free as soon as it is released.

What's so good about your subscription service?

Unlike other companies offering similar opportunities, once you've paid the full value of your plug-ins (36 months of $14.99), the subscription ends, and the full licences are yours with no additional payment. 

Furthermore, you can pause your subscription at any time if you have an unforeseen financial crisis, and any time after 3 months you can pay the difference to end your subscription and keep your full licences. All these benefits are completely free - we designed this system to be as flexible and convenient for you as possible.

Can I get the Gobbler subscription bundle?

Please note that this offer is only available for people who are currently in full-time education. To apply for your student subscription bundle, please fill out this application form.

Will the subscription work with Cloud authorisation or HDX?

As of May 2021, we now offer iLok Cloud authorisation for all rent-to-own licences, as well as authorisation using an iLok2 or iLok3 device.

NB: Elite bundle subscription licence is available in Native format only. Once you have converted your rented licences to full licences (either after 3 years of monthly payments or by paying the difference to end the subscription early) you will be able to complete any licence upgrades/crossgrades available to you, including HDX (AAX DSP).