**UPDATE**  16/08/2022 

The nine Sonnox Plugins listed below are now fully supported Natively on Apple Silicon systems

- Oxford Inflator v4.00.0[261]P

- Oxford Limiter v4.00.0[174]P

- Oxford TransMod v4.00.0[119]P

- Oxford Drum Gate v2.00.0[1009]P

- Oxford Envolution v2.00.0[223]P 

- Oxford Dynamic EQ v2.00.0[272]P

- Fraunhofer Codec Toolbox v2.00.0[114]P

- Fraunhofer Pro-Codec v4.00.0[282]P

- Toolbox VoxDoubler v2.00.0[312]P

- Toolbox ListenHub v1.00.7[548]P 

If your plugin is NOT mentioned above, it will be soon! Please revert to our current compatibility status with Rosetta 2 below in the meantime, where you will find known issues and the latest installer info relevant to your plugin -

Known Issues

Ableton Live 11.1 and Steinberg hosts

  • VST3 currently unavailable for non Apple Silicon Native plugins when DAW is ran Natively. Please run entire DAW through Rosetta 2 to use these plugins.

Toolbox Claro 

  • Mix view does not display track names when Logic Pro is ran in Native mode. The workaround is to run the entire DAW through Rosetta 2 to utilise this feature.

Sonnox Restore bundle (DeClicker, DeNoiser, DeClicker)


  • We are currently waiting for Avid to announce full M1 support for Pro Tools, HDX and Carbon systems before we continue with HDX (AAX DSP) development. 
  • All HDX users can continue to use the current public HDX installers via Rosetta 2. 

If you run into any issues that are not mentioned above, please do get in touch with us on our support channel, where we can offer further assistance and troubleshooting.

More information can be found in the following support articles - macOS Big Sur Compatibility and macOS Monterey Compatibilty.

Below is a list of the Native installer codes for the latest versions, which are available when you log in with your iLok ID and the email address registered to your iLok account at mySonnox

Oxford Elites
Oxford Inflator 4.00.0[276]P

Oxford Limiter 4.00.0[174]P

Oxford TransMod 4.00.0[119]P
Oxford Dynamics 3.22.0[117]P
Oxford Reverb 3.16.0[119]P
Oxford EQ 3.21.1[508]P
Oxford SuprEsser 3.12.0[651]P

New Oxfords
Oxford Envolution v2.00.0[223]P
Oxford Dynamic EQ v2.00.0[272]P
Oxford Drum Gate 2.00.0[1009]P




Oxford Restore




Toolbox Claro v1.02.0[188]P
Toolbox VoxDoubler v2.00.0[312]P

Toolbox ListenHub v1.00.7[548]P 

These installers are for macOS only. Windows users can continue to use the latest versions on their mySonnox portals.

We will continue to update this article with any new developments on known issues and Native Apple Silicon compatibility.