Apple Silicon (M1) Systems/Rosetta 2 

The new M1 Macs are not yet compatible with any Sonnox plugins natively on the ARM infrastructure. Because of this, we do encourage all of our dedicated Sonnox users to check the compatibility of their Sonnox plugins before upgrading to a new Apple silicon-based Mac.

If you have already upgraded to a new Apple Silicon system, You will find many of our plugins will function as expected using Apple's Rosetta 2, which translates applications built for Intel in order to run on the new Apple Silicon platform. However, due to this emulation process, it is likely that some plugins may appear different, or not function as expected. Known problems are listed below -

  • Slow loading instantiation times, which can lead to system overloads and crashes. Particularly in larger projects, and when instantiated during playback. 

  • Plugin GUIs may appear 'washed', or slightly discoloured due to the translation of graphics on Rosetta 2.

We will continue to update this article with any new developments on known issues and Native compatibility.