This article is for Intel Mac users only. For our Apple Silicon compatibility status, please see this article - Apple Silicon (M1) Compatibility

For Intel macOS 11 Big Sur compatibility please see - macOS 11 Big Sur Compatibility (Intel) 

We are currently working with Apple during the macOS 12 Monterey beta programme, and we're pleased to say the following plugins are currently supported on the new OS - 

  • Oxford R3 EQ v3
  • Oxford Dynamics v3
  • Oxford Inflator v3
  • Oxford Limiter v3
  • Oxford TransMod v3
  • Oxford Reverb v3
  • Oxford Envolution
  • Oxford Dynamic EQ 
  • Oxford Drum Gate 
  • Toolbox VoxDoubler 
  • Oxford SuprEsser 

**Please ensure all of the above mentioned plugins are updated to their latest versions before running these on the new OS** 

The following plugins are currently not supported on the new macOS 12 -  

  • Oxford Restore Bundle (DeBuzzer, DeClicker, DeNoiser) 
  • Oxford SuprEsser DS (HDX)
  • Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro Codec (Plugin and Application) 
  • Sonnox Fraunhofer Codec Toolbox (Plugin and Application) 

If these plugins are an essential part of your workflow, please refrain from updating to macOS 12 on its release. This article will be updated once we have confirmed compatibility. 

If you have any questions regarding the compatibility of your system, please create a support ticket and one of our agents will be more than happy to help you.