Here you will find answers to many of the questions you may have regarding our latest Toolbox plugin release. 

What formats does Claro come in?

  • Claro is a Native only plugin, and is available in AAX Native, AU and VST3 formats on both Windows and macOS. 

  • This product is not compatible with Pro Tools HDX DSP systems. 

  • Claro is also a 64bit only plugin, and so is not compatible with Pro Tools systems older than Pro Tools 11 on either macOS or Windows. 

Does Claro require an iLok?

  • No, Claro does not require an iLok USB as it can be authorised using the iLok Cloud, or local machine authorisation. The licence can be stored on an iLok USB if preferred. 

Is Claro Apple Silicon (M1) Ready?

  • Claro is not yet Natively compatible with Apple Silicon (M1) Systems. The Plugin will function under Rosetta 2 until a Natively supported version is provided in a future update. 

  • The AU format on M1 (Rosetta 2) does not yet support Claro's Mix view labels. This is with the exception of Logic Pro X . In order to make use of this feature, we advise running the VST3 format in your host, (If available). 

  • If you are a Logic Pro X user, please run this under Rosetta 2 - 

  1. Navigate to the Applications folder on your M1 Mac, 
  2. Cntrl/Click on Logic, and select Get info
  3. Tick the box 'Open in Rosetta' if not ticked already

**Please note completing the above may affect the compatibility of Apple Silicon supported Third Party plugins already installed on your system**

Will Claro work on Windows 11?

  • We are in the very early stages of testing all Sonnox plugins on the new Windows OS, and any known issues will be detailed here - Windows 11 Compatibility 

Is there an upgrade path from the Oxford R3 EQ to obtain a licence for Claro? 

  • No, Claro is part of our Toolbox range and is a separate product entirely from the original Oxford EQ. 

Why is there no multi-pick discount applied when Claro is added to my shopping cart of Oxford plugins? 

  • Claro's Multi-pick discount is applied across multiple Toolbox plugin purchases. Currently this includes Claro and the VoxDoubler. This range will be added to in the future, offering more bulk discount on lower priced products. 

Claro's full user guide can be located here - Toolbox Claro User Guide