Following internal testing, we have found some graphics related issues with our plugins when used in the latest Digital Performer 11. This appears to primarily affect the VST3 format. 

Plugin GUIs with different tab options or resizable UIs appear to be most affected. These include - 

- Toolbox Claro (VST3) 

- Oxford Drum Gate 

- Oxford Dynamic EQ

This issue can also affect our older Oxford products when the Sonnox toolbar is disabled. 

The current workaround would be to use the AU format if running Digital Performer on macOS. Windows VST3 does not appear to be affected. Although Mix view features are not yet supported. For more information on this, please see Claro FAQs

We apologise for any disruption this may cause to Digital Performer users, and we are working with the MOTU development team to fix these problems as soon as we can.