ListenHub's FX Chain can host most AU plugins. They are primarily intended to host headphone and speaker calibration plugins, such as Sonarworks Reference or Sound ID, Steven Slate Audio VSX, GoodHertz CanOpener Studio, DearVR mix, Acustica Sienna and the  Waves Nx series

As the intention is primarily for headphone and speaker calibration plugins, ListenHub's FX Chain is post-fader, meaning the volume level feeding the plugins can change. We recommend hosting metering plugins, such as TC Clarity, SPL Hawkeye, iZotope Insight and Voxengo Span within your DAW, as you would have done previously

Please note:

**To ensure maximum stability and compatibility, ensure your plugins are up-to-date. ListenHub will not load 32bit plugins, and any attempt to do so may cause crashes and stability issues**