AirPods and other bluetooth headphones have a fixed sample rate of 48kHz, and if a DAW session or application is streaming at a different rate, it can cause audio glitches, stuttering, and further disruption. 

The steps outlined below will help user's get set up with Airpods without these disruptions - 

  • Open the ListenHub desktop app
  • Connect Airpods/Bluetooth headphones and set them as output
  • Go to Audio/Midi setup and make sure they both show 48kHz. (Do not adjust ListenHub's sample rate)
  • Open Spotify and music is now streaming at the correct speed, and glitchlessly.
  • Open DAW and make sure sample rate is 48Khz, any other sample rate will cause disruption in playback, which will carry on until Airpods are removed, and ListenHub is restarted. You may also need to restart the ListenHub core audio driver in Applications/Utilities/Activity Monitor

(Please note - Some DAWs like Logic Pro will autoload the last saved project, so it is important to base all DAW sessions at 48kHz if your Bluetooth headphones are your primary tool for mixing).

We will continue to improve ListenHub's handling of sample rate discrepencies, which we hope to have available in future updates.