If your plug-in is missing, or you can't find or insert it in your DAW, this page will help!

First steps

  1. Install the latest version of the iLok Licence Manager
  2. Sign into the iLok Licence Manager, connect your iLok, and make sure that it's shown in the left-hand list
  3. Make sure that your licence has been activated to your iLok
  4. Right-click your iLok and select Synchronize. This will resolve any discrepancies between your account and the iLok.
  5. If using the iLok Cloud, please make sure your Cloud session is open (File/Open Cloud Session).
  6. Open your DAW and check whether your Sonnox plug-in is available to use

If your plug-in still doesn't show up

If your plug-in still doesn't show up, it has probably been blocklisted, or permanently ignored by your DAW. This saves your DAW from attempting to load a faulty plug-in every time you launch it.

If your licence is not activated to a valid location, or your iLok is disconnected, the DAW will treat the plug-in as if it's faulty.

Fixing this needs to be done differently for each DAW. Here are steps to follow for some major DAWs.

If your DAW is not listed, try checking the user guide for terms such as scan, re-scan, blocklist, and cache.

If you get stuck, please create a support ticket. We're always happy to help!