If you're using Logic Pro X, most problems can be solved by re-scanning the plug-ins from within Logic.

  1. Go to the main Logic Pro X menu and select Preferences/Plug-In Manager
  2. Scroll down the left-hand list and select the Sonnox Manufacturer
    • Unavailable plug-ins should be easy to spot, since their Use tick box will be un-ticked
  3. Select the unavailable plug-ins and click Reset & Rescan Selection at the bottom of the window

If your iLok and licences are set up correctly, the plug-ins should pass the AU validation scan and become available to use. If they don't pass, please read Why doesn't my plug-in show up in my DAW?

If your plug-ins pass the AU validation scan, but you still can't insert them, or you're using an older version of Logic, read on...

Re-setting the AU cache manually

  1. In the Finder, navigate to Macintosh HD/Users/<your username>/Library/Caches/
  2. Delete the files
    • com.apple.audiounits.cache
    • AudioUnitCache/com.apple.audiounits.cache
    • AudioUnitCache/com.apple.audiounits.sandboxed.cache
  3. If you're using macOS 10.9 or above you must now log out, then log in again
  4. Re-open Logic