iLok is the authorisation system that we use to store, protect and manage your plug-in licences. Your licences can be authorised to various different places, like a specialised iLok USB device, or the internet-based iLok Cloud. Certain plugins can also be authorised directly to a computer via iLok. However, this only applies to our Toolbox range. Further information on the different iLok locations is provided below - 

  1. iLok Dongle - This method comes in the form of a USB dongle which has to be plugged into the machine that you're running your plug-ins from. It keeps our software secure and protects your purchase from being distributed illegally. All Sonnox plug-ins of the latest generation can be authorised with an iLok2 or iLok3 USB device, but will not work with the original iLok1. However, our legacy plug-ins and licences (G4 and earlier) will still accept this.

  2. iLok Cloud - Most Sonnox licences can be authorised to the "Cloud", which uses an active internet connection to authorise your plug-ins. All Sonnox G5 licences, excluding Fraunhofer Pro-Codec, Codec Toolbox and Restore (DeBuzzer, DeClicker, DeNoiser) can be authorised to the Cloud. Older plug-ins (G4 and earlier) need to be updated to G5 to add Cloud compatibility.

  3. Machine Authorisation - This method allows you to authorise your plug-ins directly to your working machine. This method is less flexible than the iLok Dongle method, which allows you to authorise your licence on multiple machines, but it does mean you don't have to have the dongle plugged in to use your plug-in. Oxford range products are not compatible with this level of authorisation.

**All G5 licences require an up to date version of the iLok Licence Manager in order to manage and authorise Sonnox plugins for use, if your licence is not behaving as expected, this is the first thing to check and troubleshoot.**

For more information about iLok devices, please read our iLok FAQs.