iLok is the authorisation system that we use to store, protect and manage your plug-in licences. It keeps our software secure and protects your purchase from being distributed illegally. 

In order to authorise your Sonnox plugin and manage the licence, you will need a free iLok account and the iLok Licence Manager installed. 

Please visit for more information.

Different types of iLok locations

  • iLok Dongle - This is a dedicated USB device which has to be plugged into the machine that you're running your plug-ins on.

  • iLok Cloud - This is a Cloud-based location available within the iLok Licence Manager, which uses an active internet connection to authorise your plug-ins. 

  • Machine AuthorisationThis method allows you to authorise your plug-ins directly to your working machine. This method is less flexible than the iLok Dongle method, which allows you to authorise your licence on multiple machines, but it does mean you don't have to have the dongle plugged in to use your plug-in.

It is important to know that certain Sonnox plugins have different licensing rules. As a result, certain locations might not be compatible with your licence. To find out which location you can use to store your Sonnox licence, please refer to our support article - Which locations can I use for my Sonnox licence?

To register for a free iLok account and to create your iLok ID, please follow this link.

For more information about iLok devices, please read our iLok FAQs.