Sonnox plug-ins are available in many different formats, to add compatibility with as many different professional systems as possible. You can use this guide to determine which format best suits your needs if you're not sure.


If you're not sure which format you need for your plug-in, you probably need Native. All Sonnox plug-ins are available in the Native format and they include installers for the widest variety of applications:

  • AAX Native - For Pro Tools users on Windows and Mac.
  • VST3 - For many DAWs on Windows and Mac, including Cubase, Ableton, Studio One, FL Studio and more.
  • AU (Audio Units) - Mac only, for Logic Pro X, also supported by other DAWs on Mac

If you require the legacy RTAS format for Pro Tools 10 and earlier, Native is also the format you need - see the HDX section below for TDM support. Please contact our Support team for assistance with legacy systems.

If you require the recently discontinued VST2 format, please go to the 'Legacy Installers' tab on applicable plugin installer pages, or contact Support.


The HDX format provides installers for users running hardware accelerated Pro Tools systems which require AAX DSP. This is also the format needed for legacy TDM compatibility for Pro Tools 10 HD and earlier. If you're not using Pro Tools, or you're not sure if you need HDX, you probably just need Native - you can always upgrade to HDX at a later date for the same price as if you'd purchased HDX initially.

Most of the Oxford range of plug-ins are compatible with HDX, except the following plugins - 

  • Oxford Drum Gate
  • Oxford Restore suite (DeBuzzer, DeClicker and DeNoiser)
  • Oxford SuprEsser (SuprEsser DS is available instead)
  • Fraunhofer Pro-Codec 
  • Toolbox plugins (ListenHub, Claro, VoxDoubler and Codec Toolbox). 

All HDX purchases also include a Native licence.