We are currently rolling out iLok Machine authorisation across our Oxford range of products. 

This means that you will no longer need to use the iLok Cloud or a physical iLok2/iLok3 USB to authorise your plugins. Although, all these methods of authorisation are still available if you wish to use them.

You must download the latest plugin updates for this to take effect. Machine authorisation is not compatible with any Sonnox plugin patch released before the 29th of May 2024. 

If you have recently purchased a new licence, but have not activated it yet, please see our support article - Activate your licence 

To enable Machine auth for your existing licences, please follow the steps below - 

  • Sign in to your mySonnox area to download and install the newest updates of your Oxford plugins
  • Update iLok Licence Manager to the latest version from iLok.com
  • Sign in to the iLok Licence Manager, connect your iLok device and/or open your iLok Cloud Session - File/Open Cloud Session.
  • Select any of the applicable Oxford licences on your iLok device, or in the iLok Cloud, right click, and select 'Deactivate'. 

  • Your licences will now appear in the 'Available tab' of iLok Licence Manager and will now show as being compatible with iLok Machine Authorisation. The icons beside your licence will look like this - 

You can now activate your licence directly to your machine! 

NB: The following plugins are not yet compatible with iLok Machine Authorisation, but will be coming soon! - 

  • Oxford DeNoiser
  • Oxford DeBuzzer
  • Oxford DeClicker 
  • Fraunhofer Pro-Codec

If you have any problems after following the steps in this article, please refer to -  Why can't I use iLok Machine Auth for my Oxford plugins?