We expect to see this error message if you are using an out of date version of the iLok Licence Manager software. The latest builds of our plug-ins require iLok Licence Manager v5 or later to authorise correctly.

To fix this

  1. Download and install the latest iLok Licence Manager installer from
  2. In the left panel of iLok Licence Manager application, right click the iLok your licenses are activated to and select Synchronize. This will fix any common handshaking problems between your iLok and your plug-ins.
  3. Re-launch your DAW. Your plugins should now appear under the Sonnox submenu in your Available Plug-ins list.

Still not working?

If your plug-in will still not authorise, or doesn't show up in your DAW, please read Why doesn't my plug-in show up in my DAW?

If you get stuck, please create a support ticket. We're always happy to help!