Here's what you'll need

To trial or demo our products, you need:

  • A free iLok account, which you can create at
  • The latest version of the iLok Licence Manager application installed on your computer. This can always be downloaded from

Certain plugins require different types of authorisation via iLok (e.g. Dongle, iLok Cloud). To find out more, please see Which locations can I use for my Sonnox licence? 

Requesting a trial licence

  • Go to
  • Enter your iLok account ID and email address.
  • Click the Check account to unlock demos button.
  • Select the product(s) you would like to demo.
  • Finally, click the Deposit Selection button.

What happens next?

  • A 15-day trial licence will be deposited to your iLok account.
  • You'll need to sign into the iLok Licence Manager application and activate your trial licence.
  • Finally, click the Download link in your Order Confirmation email to download the installer!

I've already taken a trial :(

No problem!

Just create a new support ticket and we'll set up a new trial licence for you.