Using your iLok Licence Manager, you can move licences between different iLok devices. This service is free of charge, if both of the iLok's are registered to the same iLok account. There are costs involved if you want to transfer your licences to a device belonging to a different iLok account - for more information please read Can I sell my Sonnox licence?

Transferring within an account

Make sure the iLok you want to transfer a licence from, and the iLok you want the licence to be transferred to, are both plugged into your computer.

  1. Open the iLok Licence Manager and sign into your iLok account.
  2. Your iLok's will be listed in the left hand panel.
  3. Click on the old iLok. Find the licence you want to transfer from the right hand panel.
  4. Drag the licence on top of the new iLok in the left hand panel.
  5. The device location of your licence will have been updated.

If you haven't got both of the iLok's you wish to transfer licences between, you will need to submit an RMA request with iLok to report that device as lost, stolen or broken.

Transferring to a different account

Sonnox licences can be sold and transferred to another iLok account as long as:

  • They are full licences. NFR licences are not transferrable.
  • All licences purchased with a bulk discount are transferred, at the same time, to the same iLok account.

From within the iLok Licence Manager, right click on the licence you wish to transfer, select the Transfer Licence... option, and type in the iLok account ID of the user who you wish to transfer it to. We'll be notified of the transfer request, and assuming the above terms have been met we will process it accordingly on receipt of payment.