If you've recently upgraded your system and you're still using G4 plug-ins (TDM or RTAS in Pro Tools, or older VST/Audio Units), you will probably need to upgrade from G4 to G5 for your Sonnox plug-ins to work.

A lot of modern operating systems and DAWs require 64-bit software, and Pro Tools 11 onwards requires the AAX format for its plug-ins. These are features we added to our G5 plug-ins, so you'll need to upgrade to maintain compatibility with your new system. You can find all your upgrade options for your plug-ins in your mySonnox portal.

Wait - I want to use Sonnox on my new system, but I don't want to get rid of my old system either!

What if you need to open an older session using your original machine? Nothing to worry about - once you've purchased your upgrade, we'll deposit brand new licences alongside your existing licence so that you can continue to authorise both your old sessions, and your new sessions. You can even split the licences between iLok devices, so you can keep your old licences on your original iLok without having to worry about moving it between different systems.

G5 plug-ins are not compatible with iLok1 devices. If you are upgrading from G4 to G5, please be sure that you have the correct device to authorise your new licence to.