If you have followed all of the steps provided in our support article - Enabling Machine Authorisation for Oxford Licences, but you're still unable to use iLok Machine authorisation for your Oxford plugin licences, then it could be due to the following

Your Oxford Plugins are not up to date with the latest versions

  • Only the latest Oxford plugin updates can detect a machine authorised licence. 

  • Older plugin versions, (Pre-29-05-2024will not be compatible with Machine authorisation.

  • Legacy users who require older versions of the Oxford range for compatibility with their systems or DAWs will need to continue using a physical iLok2/iLok3 USB, or the iLok Cloud for authorisation. 

You own older format licence groups - E.g. NAT***G5 / PTX***G5

  • When we switched on Machine Authorisation for the Oxford range last week, we ran into an issue where the iLok Cloud stopped working for certain users, specifically those who upgraded older Sonnox G4 licences to G5 a few years ago. Back then, we issued these upgraded licences as groups e.g. - "NAT***G5". 

  • To ensure that any affected Cloud users could carry on working as they were, we've had to revert the change for these specific licence groups, which unfortunately has meant that these groups cannot be machine authorised until we have resolved the issue. 

  • We are working with our good friends at PACE/ilok to resolve this as quickly as possible. But in the meantime, if you own a licence in the format listed above, then please contact our support team who will provide temporary licences to allow you to make use of machine authorisation until your main licences are compatible. 

Oxfore Restore Bundle and Fraunhofer Pro-Codec

  • Our Oxford Restore plugins (DeBuzzer, DeClicker and DeNoiser), and the Fraunhofer Pro-Codec are yet to be updated to include Machine Authorisation. However, these will be coming soon!