Most Sonnox plug-ins can now be authorised without a physical iLok USB dongle.

All Sonnox plug-ins require external authorisation for security during use. We use the iLok authorisation system to authenticate the software licences you purchase. To use any of our plug-ins, a free iLok account is required, and you will need to download the iLok License Manager application to activate your licence to a device.

Once you've deposited your Sonnox licence to your iLok account, you will need to activate your licence to an authorisation location.

This could be a physical iLok USB dongle, or it could be to your machine (Toolbox range only) or to the iLok Cloud. 

Where you store your licence depends on which plug-in you are using. For more information, please read Which locations can I use for my Sonnox licence?

NB: The plug-ins can be installed on as many systems as you like, but can only be used on the system that correlates with your iLok authorisation location. Therefore, you could have your plug-in installed on three different computers, and rotate your iLok USB device depending on which computer you are using the plug-in on, or alternatively you could sign in to your iLok account to start a Cloud session on the computer you want to work on at any given time.