As of February 2018, most Sonnox G5 licences come with 2 activations, including any G5 licences that were purchased prior to this date. 

This means that from now on, you will be able to activate and use your licence on multiple "locations" at any given time. These locations can be a physical iLok USB dongle, or in the case of some plug-ins, you can use your activation for authorising your licence in the Cloud or to a specific machine. For more information about authorisation locations and which plug-ins can be authorised where, please read Which locations can I use for my Sonnox plug-ins?

It is important to remember that while your licence can now be split across multiple locations, both activations are still linked to the same licence and therefore both activations can only be used by a single iLok account. If you wish to authorise your plug-in across two different iLok accounts instead of two locations on the same account, you will need to purchase a second licence of that plug-in.

Please note, that the Sonnox Live bundle is an exception and still only contains a single licence activation.  

Using an activation in iLok Cloud

Unlike activating your licence to an iLok USB dongle or to a machine, where the licence will remain in that location until you remove it manually from within iLok Licence Manager, iLok Cloud is designed to be flexible and to transfer your licences to whichever location you're signed in to at any given time.

Whenever you open a Cloud session, all your licences will automatically be moved into the Cloud if:

  • they are Cloud compatible - look for the iLok Cloud icon under Valid Locations
  • there is an activation available - your licence can only be used in an iLok Cloud session if there is an activation available.

If you have split your two activations between two physical locations, for example to two iLok USB dongles, you will need to remove one of the activations from an iLok device before the licence is able to be authorised in the Cloud. If you intend to use iLok Cloud regularly, we highly recommend keeping one of your available activations free at all times - you never know when or where you might want to load up your mixes!

Help, I still only have one activation and the iLok Cloud icon isn't available for my licence!

If you can't see the updates to your licences in iLok Licence Manager, you probably just need to Synchronize your iLok device.

Log on to iLok Licence Manager and plug in your iLok2 or iLok3 that currently holds your Sonnox licences. In the left hand panel, you can right click on your iLok, and hit Synchronize.

This will pull the recent updates down from the iLok servers, and the changes to your Sonnox licences will now be reflected to allow you to activate to the Cloud.

If you have any problems with activating your licences, please get in touch with support - we're always happy to help.